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Reframing Trauma

Updated: May 9, 2019

Scary, Unpredictable events in our lives suck... Here's how to think about them a little differently.

We all walk around with "weird" distorted little secrets - Things we think are "wrong" with us or bad things that have happened that fundamentally changed us.

If we each just shared what was on the inside you'd realize we're all in this together - We all have "stuff" and you are not alone.

This is all the trappings of being human. It is literally in our DNA. I know VERY FEW people who have traveled through life on a cloud without a little bit of struggle or suffering. We live, love, lose, or we avoid and stay numb. Our brains wire to the experiences we have - in early childhood and every day.

And yet, It's in the challenging times that we find our strength. It is in our day-to-day experiences that we recover.

In fact, Studies have been developed on the concept of "Post Traumatic Growth" meaning after devastation and difficulty there is great HOPE for newness, healing and a beautiful unexpected expansion of our selves.

Does that mean that terrible meaningless things don't happen? Or that healing is always easy, neat or clean? Um, No. Not at all. I want to say that one more time. Meaningless terrible shit happens every day, it does. AND we have a choice on how we respond to it. Healing happens in stages. Stages that often feel like a roller coast, a not-so-merry-go-round. The more you grow the more you find to heal. Gross right? But awesome too. I fundamentally believe that our psyche protects us from certain things at certain times. And as we go through our recovery journey parts of our history, memory, selves re-emerge when we're ready. You might be ready for the next step. Some things you might want to keep hidden, holding on to for another day & that's okay. Just for today. Just for right now.

Art Therapy, counseling, yoga, journaling, self-help books, podcasts, etc., etc. are all tools that you can use to access your own internal healing capacity. It's in there, you just gotta find some resources. The ones inside of yourself that move you forward and then taking the steps to find someone to guide you on your journey. I believe in you.

One client summed it up perfectly "I don't come in thinking it's an adventure, but I leave thinking that it's an adventure."

A beautiful, whole, real, messy adventure... If you're ready to Find the Right Therapist for you, I have a handy guide- right over here.


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