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Individual Counseling & Art Therapy

$120 (In Person or Video Conferencing)

Family or Relationship Session
(Specializing in "New to Polyamory" Couples and One Day Relationship Workshops)

$140 (In Person or Video Conferencing)

Reduced Rates for Open Path Clients!

$60 for Individuals and $80 for couples or family sessions - click the link for more information!


Contact Me

Don't Be Scared. I'm cool...

Well, actually, feel whatever you are feeling today and send a message anyway.

I'm available for Art Therapy remotely or in person & Counseling in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area!
*Perception of therapist's cool factor based completely on subjective, non-quantitative opinions  & depends on age and stage of client - I make no guarantees of coolness.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Mobile Phone
1397 Warren Road Unit #5
Lakewood, OH 44107
Tel: 216-282-6812
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